6 formas de melhorar as suas campanhas de marketing por e-mail e impulsionar as vendas on-line
Mai, 11, 2017
Todos recebemos e-mails. Cada email na caixa de entrada de um utilizador recebe apenas uma fração de segundo de atenção. Tudo, desde como o e-mail começa à forma como é formatado tem um grande impacto sobre se vou dar-lhe outros três segundos da minha atenção ou não. Usamos certas práticas para obter alguns resultados impressionantes. Deixe-me compartilhar quais são essas regras. 1. Conheça o seu público 2. Mantenha-o breve 3. Vá direto ao assunto Por: Gabriel Shaoolian Fonte: Forbes


6 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns And Boost Sales Online

We all get emails. Far too many emails. As a decision-maker at Blue Fountain Media, a digital marketing agency, I get far too many emails myself. I am bombarded by them. But perhaps what is more aggravating than the sheer volume of email I receive, is how poorly many of these emails are done.

Each email in a user’s inbox only gets a split-second of attention. Everything from how the email starts off to how it’s formatted has a big impact on whether I’m going to give it another three seconds of my attention or not.

Our agency does email marketing for many of our clients. We use certain best practices to get some pretty darn impressive results. These practices are quite straightforward, and not complex, but they represent simple ways to help your business improve your email marketing. Let me share what those rules are.

1. Know your audience

Know who your audience is and make sure to send them messages that are relevant to them. One of the worst mistakes you can make with your email marketing is to simply blast every subscriber on your list with the same message.

As I’m writing this I just received an email from my health clinic promoting a female wellness program. It’s obvious that the content in this email is not relevant to me or my health needs, and yet, it ended up in my inbox. Using list segmentation to send the right message to the right audience is critical to success with email marketing. You can be sure that the email I just received from my health provider is not going to do much to improve my relationship with that business because I know they don’t care about who I am and what my specific needs are. Not to mention that when you’re dealing with serious topics like health-related information, blasting the same content to all your users can have some pretty bad results.

List segmentation is simple to do. I suggest working with an email marketing platform, like Marketo, to make sure your email campaigns are segmented to reach the right audiences.

2. Keep it short

In the early days of email marketing it was common to get email newsletters that had two or three columns packed with content rendered in small text. Even though they’re less common now, those types of emails still get sent with surprising frequency. When you receive one you’re immediately overwhelmed by the amount of content to take in. Your eye has no idea where to focus.

People want to read one main message. They don’t want to look at a spreadsheet, a table of contents, or an entire article contained within an email. Keep your emails simple by writing messages that are clear and concise. If users are interested in what you’ve presented, they’ll go to your website to read more. Don’t try to cram too much information into your email. The truth is that simple messages are the ones that people react to.

One big reason to keep your email messages short and to the point is that most emails are read on mobile. There’s no way around it -- the emails your business sends will be read on mobile devices. Decision-makers especially are busy people. They’re reading emails on their way to and from a meeting, or when they’re in transit because when they are at their desktop, they’re using that time to get work done, not to sift through their inboxes.

So be sure to keep emails short and concise. Get to the point. And remember that four sentences in an email on mobile looks like a novel. Keep that in mind when determining how much content to include.

3. Cut out the fluff

How many of you get emails that begin with “Hello Sir, Good day to you?" Or my personal favorite, “I’m sorry to be bothering you.” Or, even better, “I know you’re busy, but…”

Not only are these opening lines stiff and awkward, but they’re also a huge waste of valuable real estate. The opening of your email has to immediately capture the user’s attention and make him or her feel compelled to read further. Your opening needs to grab the user by speaking to his needs. All of us, especially the decision-makers a lot of email marketing campaigns target, are pressed for time and we aren’t going to read past the first sentence of an email if we don’t see clear value in doing so.

If you have value to offer to your customer or prospect, get straight to the point and tell them exactly what you can do for them. Your email marketing is about what you can do for your customer or prospect. So make sure they don’t miss the point because they got lost in the pleasantries. Cut the fluff and get straight to presenting a clear, compelling message that speaks to a user’s needs or desires.

Por: Gabriel Shaoolian
Fonte: Forbes, em 11 de Maio de 2017

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