Alemanha primeiro? Berlim está a mover-se em direção a uma nova era de protecionismo?
Fev, 11, 2019
Peter Altmaier, ministro da Economia da Alemanha, anunciou medidas para proteger o país daquilo que Berlim vê como a crescente ameaça económica da China e dos EUA. Fonte: Euronews


Germany first? Is Berlin moving towards a new era of protectionism?

Peter Altmaier, Germany's economy minister, announced measures to protect the country from what Berlin sees as the growing economic threat from China and the US.

The government’s National Industry Strategy 2030 was presented on Tuesday during a news conference in the German capital.

Germany hopes to revitalise innovation within the country, which Altmaier said has fallen behind in recent years.

With this new strategy, more government support would be provided for nine industrial sectors: chemicals, engineering, medical devices, aerospace, automotive and green technology. It also provides the government with the ability to take over shares of companies if it is deemed necessary.

This defensive position comes as Germany, the EU's largest economy, is battling to compete with China and the US.

Fonte: Euronews, em 5 de Fevereiro de 2019

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