Chegou a hora de administrar os seus negócios com energia renovável e isto pode até ajudar a poupar dinheiro
Jul, 23, 2020
Entre uma pandemia global, uma economia instável e a ameaça sempre presente das mudanças climáticas, é completamente justo preocupar-se com o futuro dos seus negócios. Embora possa apertar o cinto (...) a maioria das famílias e empresas americanas pagam demais em energia, mesmo sem saber. E provavelmente também não estão a usar as soluções de energia mais limpas disponíveis. Fonte: Entrepreneur


It's Time to Run Your Business on Renewable Energy, and It Can Even Help Save You Money

(This innovative company is making it easier to reduce your carbon footprint).

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Between a global pandemic, a rocky economy, and the ever-present threat of climate change, it's completely fair to be worried about the future of your business. While you can tighten your belt by ending subscriptions to certain tools, cutting down on perks like catered lunches, or simply drinking less coffee, you probably haven't considered changing your power source. But, most American households and businesses overpay on power without even knowing it. And they're likely not using the cleanest energy solutions available, either.

One company, Arcadia, is on a mission to change that reality. It's making it easy to save money and reduce your carbon footprint, and it's proving that's actually possible. If you live in a state with a competitive energy market, Arcadia’s free online platform shops for the best energy rate for you, helping you save money every month while supporting renewable energy.

When you open an Arcadia account, you'll simply link it to your existing power company account and Arcadia will get to work. Using its relationships and the aggregate buying power of its members, the company negotiates exclusive low rates from energy suppliers in your area, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per year. Arcadia also integrates with your existing utility company to track how much energy you use, then buys renewable energy certificates on your behalf to offset your energy usage. There's a strong chance you'll end up saving some cash, but at the very least, you'll be reducing your carbon footprint without paying any more than you currently are.

Arcadia allows you to track your environmental impact through your Arcadia dashboard and even lets you pay your utility bill automatically, making it easy for your business to go green and support renewable energy initiatives.

Put your company on the right side of history, all while potentially saving some extra money every month. Right now, when you sign up for a free Arcadia account, you'll get a $20 Amazon gift card just for joining the family.

Fonte: Entrepreneur, em 21 de Julho de 2020

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