Como pode ser a inovação sustentável em 2021
Jan, 06, 2021
Para enfrentar alguns dos maiores desafios que enfrentamos, como o clima e a saúde, precisaremos de repensar fundamentalmente a nossa abordagem para a inovação. Mas como será a inovação sustentável em 2021 e depois? ...Mas aprendermos com esta experiência compartilhada e reconhecer o que pode ser alcançado quando adotamos as tecnologias digitais e colaboramos de forma eficaz. Em toda a história da humanidade, nunca houve uma necessidade mais urgente de inovação sustentável e, ao mudar a nossa mentalidade e abordagem, podemos consegui-la em 2021. Por: Felix Staeritz Fonte: Entrepreneur


What Sustainable Innovation Might Look Like in 2021


To tackle some of the biggest challenges we face today, like climate and health, we'll need to fundamentally rethink our approach to innovation.


As we move toward 2021 we are at a crossroads, and if we don’t act now, it might be too late to solve the health and climate emergencies we face. We need to deliver impactful, sustainable, and meaningful innovations. Without them, we will soon run out of road. But what does sustainable innovation look like in 2021 and beyond?

Rethinking innovation.

People are increasingly looking to entrepreneurs to drive the changes the planet needs. Two-thirds of researchers and academics believe tech entrepreneurs will make a bigger contribution to solving social challenges in the years to come than governments in Europe, according to Atomico’s State of European Tech report.


Corporate Venture Building: A potent solution.

That’s why in 2021, we will see corporations increasingly team up with top entrepreneurs to collaborate and drive a new wave of sustainable innovation. This approach, which enables both parties to harness their relative strengths and create new digital business models is called Corporate Venture Building (CVB).


For many people, and many reasons, 2020 has been a year to forget. But it’s important we learn from this shared experience, and recognise what can be achieved when we embrace digital technologies and collaborate effectively. In the whole of human history there has never been a more urgent need for sustainable innovation, and by changing our mindset and approach, we can deliver it in 2021, and beyond.

(Felix Staeritz. ENTREPRENEUR LEADERSHIP NETWORK VIP. Founder & CEO; Board of Digital Leaders Member, WEF; Author. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own)

Por: Felix Staeritz
Fonte: Entrepreneur, em 15 de Janeiro de 2021