Porque a tecnologia e dados de baixa qualidade estão a alimentar uma crise de relacionamento com o cliente
Mar, 25, 2021
Em tempos de incerteza, é importante duplicar as áreas em que pode controlar e garantir que o seu serviço ao cliente e experiência sejam tão refinados quanto possível. Muitos setores viram o seu crescimento ser reduzido e, com isso, a retenção de clientes torna-se crítica para a sobrevivência. Por: James Frampton; Fonte: European Business Magazine


Why poor technology and data are fuelling a customer relationship crisis

(…) During times of uncertainty, it’s important to double down on the areas you can control and ensure your customer service and experience is as refined as possible. Many industries have seen their growth curtailed, and with that, customer retention becomes critical to survival. Companies with a leaky bucket and no pipeline will quickly fold. (…)

Technology First

The effect technology has on customer experience is hard to ignore – in a world driven by convenience and speed, technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring consumers can access products or services, quickly and easily. (…)

Bridging the data gap

We live in a world where data is king. Everything we do is driven and affected by it, yet businesses are still allowing key gaps in their data to affect their processes and delivery of a great customer experience. (…)

To stay competitive and drive improvement and change, businesses must look to consolidate their processes across all sales touch-points. Nearly three quarters (74%) of business leaders recognise this need to consolidate information as a key driver to success (…)

(James Frampton, SVP and General Manager EMEA at SugarCRM)

Por: James Frampton
Fonte: European Business Magazine, em 19 de Março de 2021